Time Lapse Videos

Have you ever wondered what the mural process looks like? It can vary from project to project, so I’ve created a few time lapse videos showing me at work. When you hire me to paint a mural, you get to watch the process in person!


I completed this mural at DnA Vintners Winery in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in just over a week. Come visit to get some unique photos and taste some delicious wine!


This was a quick (4 day) landscape mural I painted for Monroe County Aging & Disability Resource Center. They share this conference room with the Monroe County Health Department. Come visit anytime during office hours to see it in person at 315 Oak Street in Sparta, WI!


This video shows how I transformed Sedlock Dental’s waiting room into a magical forest, complete with Tooth Fairy and numerous young animals. Kids will have fun counting all the butterflies and finding ten woolly bear caterpillars hiding in the vine border. Enjoy!



This video shows me painting over-sized poppies on the lower level of a cottage that faces a river. In addition to poppies, I painted numerous dragonflies and other small critters around the home. Be sure to turn the volume on for this one!


This video shows parts of the mural coming together piece by piece in Coon Valley Elementary School’s Library Media Center. Watch until the end so you can see the sketch become the painting!


This mural is painted at Knutson Memorial Library in Coon Valley, WI. I emailed photos to HJ’s mom, Tina Thomas, periodically during painting, and she put them together with a lovely song.


Amateur Videos

The following videos do not have any sound and are not the best quality, but they do show my process. I like to help out other artists who might find some value in these rather amateur videos. In the first one, I am incorporating my client’s pet into the mural, and in the second I am painting a flowering tree.