Sarah has a multi-faceted portfolio due to the variety of commissions she has undertaken since 2012. Please click the links below or the navigation bar above to see more of her artwork.


Murals ~  Murals are artwork painted directly onto a wall and can be very large. When Sarah paints a small image, such as a chickadee on a doorway, she considers that to be an “accent” rather than a full mural. She loves painting very big, very small, and everything in between. She has painted a variety of murals in the greater La Crosse area and other communities within Wisconsin.

Photo showing orange poppies that are about three feet in diameter on a cottage foundation. Click on this link to view murals in the portfolio.


Before and After ~ When Sarah sees a blank wall and starts sketching out ideas, she envisions a variety of designs. Here are a few examples of how her artwork has completely transformed some walls.

I painted this wall to look like stones that are all six inches tall with varying widths. Vines with a variety of tropical flowers appear to be growing behind the wall and are coming into the home.


Time Lapse Videos ~ If you want to see Sarah’s process for painting murals, you’ve come to the right place! She is fairly new to the realm of time lapse videos, but is enjoying the process of this creative avenue.

Black Beauty peeks into the Library. A steam engine from Jules Vern's Around the World in 80 Days sits on the shelf with steam floating up and out toward the blue sky. Blue morning glories climb up the wall.


Canvas ~ Original artwork and commissions painted on gallery wrapped canvas.

A large purple dahlia fills the painting and is cut off on the top and right side because of its size. Both sides show a wrought iron fence. this fence is decorative along the bottom and a ruby throated hummingbird sits below the flower.