Murals, Before & After

Murals truly do transform a room! It is also sometimes difficult to tell what is painted and what is not when viewing trompe l’oeil artwork. Here are some images of walls and areas before and after I’ve painted a mural.

Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting
Columns and walls within the Cashton HS/MS Cafeteria.
Image of wall below countertop that was transformed from a walnut finish to three life-sized wine barrels that are painted with perspective to look like they are stored under the counter. Mural, before and after photo.
Customized wine barrel mural in an Onalaska residence.
Faux wallpaper and niche mural, before and after painting
New cabinets were installed, but I painted all the white walls you see in the before photos. Yes, I painted the walls to match the upper wallpaper, the lower striped wainscot and hydrangea chair rail, along with both trompe l’oeil niches.
This is an instance that really helps to see the before and after. I painted the “Peds” in a trompe l’oeil nook to point the way, and a branch continues toward the waiting room, weaving in and out of the wall to the “Hope Lives Here” wall. See it in person at Gundersen Pediatric Hematology Oncology Department in the East Building, La Crosse, WI.
Bright, jewel toned mushrooms reach from floor to ceiling on 7.5' high walls. Fuscia, teal, pinks and purple mushrooms are painted very large in one corner, and then much smaller versions are repeated throughout the play room.
I love working with existing architecture when developing designs. This was a fun transformation to paint larger than life mushrooms in a fairy garden play room.
A mounted bear and mountain lion face off in the Rocky Mountains. With a plain wall behind them, they are impressive, but with mountains painted behind them, they really stand out and it draws even more attention to your animals. Mountains, trees, clouds, sunset. Any combination can be painted to suit your needs!
This homeowner has a home that could pass for Cabela’s, so I created the background to fit with his mounted animals and faux rocks.
I painted this wall to look like stones that are all six inches tall with varying widths. Vines with a variety of tropical flowers appear to be growing behind the wall and are coming into the home.
This partial wall in a split level home is completely transformed with paint and perspective!
Faux bricks, large trees, waterfalls, and fantasy mushrooms fill the walls in this stairwell. The careful use of perspective and shading make the wall look realistic and 3-D. Two small fairies and sparkling lights tie the fantasy theme together.
An open stairwell becomes a magical landscape with distant waterfalls and lush forests.
This trompe l'oeil mural appears to have bright, bold boxes stacked up with a butterfly shaped chalkboard for the kids to write on. Toys are painted on every wall, and a faux curtain is painted on the door.
I painted a wooden box that covers utilities in a small room into a variety of colorful boxes stacked on one another, with a butterfly chalkboard also painted directly onto the wood. Plus gave the entire room a “club house” theme.
Black Beauty, The Three Little Pigs, A Christmas Story, The Jungle Book, and Puss in Boots are just a few of the books that come to life in this school library mural. The block wall is painted to look like it is broken away, revealing a beautiful blue sky in the background.
A boring block wall in Coon Valley Elementary Library Media Center becomes a journey into student’s imaginations!