In addition to murals, I love creating original artwork on canvas. I paint on professional quality gallery wrapped canvas so it is ready to hang without the added expense of framing. I fit commissioned canvas work in between my larger mural projects, so contact me today to learn more!

Below is a small sample of my fine art commissions and original artwork on canvas since 2012.

The canvas is painted to look like tree bark in very high detail. A hairy woodpecker and nuthatch cling to the bark, looking at two chickadees who are sitting on a hand eating sunflower seeds. The hand is coming out of the tree, through a tear in the canvas. Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting.
“Double Take” 16×20 inch. Original artwork. Sold.
Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting.
Private Commission, 12×16 inch.
Mural and Canvas Artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting
Sarah with “Hank”, Private Commission, Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 11×14 inch. 2023
Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting.
“An Angelic Proclamation.” 24 x 36 inch. Private Commission.
‘In Memory of Louise Tippett” 15×30 inch. Private Commission.
“Semper Fi” (In Memory of Bill Tippett) 15×30 inch. Private Commission.
Painting created from a sketch drawn by my client of a farm that no longer exists near DeSoto, WI. Fine Art on Canvas.
“Dad’s Farm” 16×20 inch. Private Commission.
Pet portrait of two cats, taken from separate photographs and combined into one painting. Painted as a gift from one sister to another. Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting.
“Mollie & Meezie” 11×14 inch, Private Commission.
Mastiff dog looking straight at viewer, Painted trompe l'oeil pendant appears to hang over the corner of the canvas and is "engraved" with Leo's date of birth and death. Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting.
“Leo” 11×14 inch, Painted as a gift for a family I hold near and dear to my heart.
Painted from a black and white aged, low resolution photograph, I was able to portray those qualities with paint. Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting.
“Carol” 11×14 inch, Private Commission.
Jack Reginald Beaton portrait, painted as a gift for his wife, whom he died protecting. "23 years you were my husband, forever you are my hero." Fine art on canvas.
“In Memory of Jack Beaton” 11×14 inch; Personal donation to family as part of Las Vegas Portraits Project.
Male goldfinch sits on a sunflower with red, orange, and yellow petals. The bird is looking directly up at the viewer in a unique perspective. Fine art on canvas.
5×5 inch, Private Commission.
A realistic looking male cardinal sits on a large snowflake. The background is a variety of lavender, pink, and blue. The red of the cardinal reflects in the facets of the snowflake. Fine art on canvas.
“Winter Wonderland” 11×14 inch. Donation for Knutson Memorial Library.
Image portrays a large pleasure boat on the Mississippi River, heading toward the bridges of La Crosse. Children look out the back, taken from photographs provided by the Client. Grandma and Grandpa sit in the front driving. Many details hidden throughout have special meaning to the family, including their dinghy and RV. Fine art on canvas.
“Yahoo!” 16×20 inch, Private Commission.
Two fan-tailed goldfish swim in a toilet bowl with bubbles floating around them to show they are swimming. An orange fishnet is resting on the rim of the bowl. Perspective is looking down into the toilet. Fine art on canvas.
“Carassius auratus” 16×20 inch; Original Artwork, Survival Series. Sold.
Front of canvas painted to look like the back of a gallery wrapped canvas. An orb weaver spider made a web on the back and a red envelope is tucked into the back behind the web. An egg sac is in the upper right corner. Fine art on canvas.
“Argiope” 12×12 inch. Original Artwork, Survival Series. Sold.
The background is painted to look like an artist easel. A painting appears to be attached to the front with tape and a ledge near the bottom holds a wilting gladiolus that was used as reference for the artwork. A glass of water filled with red paint sits on the ledge with a paintbrush in it, and a ruby throated hummingbird sits on the glass. A praying mantis faces the bird, using the glad as camouflage. Mural artist Sarah Pederson, Lucid Painting.
“Archilochus colubris” 24×30 inch. Original Artwork, Survival Series.
The bottom of a running shoe is prominent with tunnels surrounding it in soil. Ants fill the tunnels and rooms. Some ants carry eggs, some eat the gum on the sole of the shoe, and a millipede also slithers through the shoe tread trying to escape the ants. Fine art on canvas.
“Diplopoda” 8×10 inch, Original Artwork, Survival Series. Private collection.

The following triptych is the first time I ever painted on canvas in my adult life. They were included in Pump House Regional Art Center’s “One Foot In The Door” exhibit and the lady slipper received a Director’s Choice award. They were recently exhibited at Gundersen Health Care in July 2019.

Lady slipper bud is forming and tiger swallowtail caterpillar is crawling off stem onto the faux frame. Fine art on canvas.
“Emergence.” 8×8 inch, Private Collection.
Lady slipper orchid in full bloom with tendrils coming beyond the trompe l'oeil frame. A tiger swallowtail butterfly chrysalis is in the upper corner, waiting to hatch. Fine art on canvas.
“Transformation.” 8×8 inch, Private Collection.
Lady Slipper has gone to seed and the tiger swallowtail butterfly has hatched, leaving the shell of the chrysalis behind. A nuthatch is grasping onto the faux frame. Fine art on canvas.
“Survival.” 12×12 inch, Private Collection.