Below is a sample of the murals I have painted since 2012. You will find a wide variety of subjects, colors, and designs because I customize each mural to what my clients value the most.  I love the creative aspect of designing murals so contact me today to get started on yours!

38 Foot Sunflower mural on a silo. Private Residence, Vernon County, WI. 2021.


Corner of a calming marsh mural for the comfort room at Onalaska Animal Hospital, Onalaska, WI. 2022.


This 19’w x 12′ mural celebrates life and captures memories of joy as our beloved pets cross over the rainbow bridge. River’s Edge Pet Crematorium, Brownsville, MN. 2022.


A series of trompe l’oeil windows & ribbons fill the halls with school spirit at Viroqua High School & Middle School. Viroqua, WI. 2022.

48 x 8 Foot landscape mural with trompe l’oeil border, Downtown Pocket Park, Caledonia, MN. 2021.


Detail, 48′ landscape mural in Caledonia, MN. 2021.


Artist Sarah Pederson stands in front of a trompe l'oeil mural that opens up the walls of a music room in an elementary school. A large trumpet appears to come into the room, spreading musical notes. Granddad Bluff is painted in the distance. A middle aged woman plays a snare drum, a young girl plays a violin, and an elderly man plays a clarinet.
Trompe l’oeil windows allow an oversized trumpet to spread music at First Ev. Lutheran School in La Crosse, WI. 2020.


Trompe l’oeil photo op wall at Nordic Creamery, Westby, WI. 2020.


The artist with her nearly completed Angel Wing Mural in Coon Valley, WI. 2020.


50′ Classic Book mural with characters and illustrations brought to life. Bekkum Memorial Library, Westby, WI. 2020
Corner detail of mural at Bekkum Memorial Library. 2020.


Center detail of mural at Bekkum Memorial Library. 2020.

Turn the corner to reveal a new, colorful page in the mural at Bekkum Memorial Library. 2020.


Logan High School Ranger logo appears to be on a red wall that is behind the existing wall. Blocks explode out in all directions from the center, and block lettering appears to be 3-d. Shadows are painted around all blocks to show how the blocks are moving.

“Always Rangers!” mural in the weight room at Logan High School, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 2020.

Large tree fills a stairwell. Sunrays appear to come from an existing light fixture. A red tailed hawk and a male cardinal sit on branches of the tree. Additional trees appear muted and fading away into the distance.
Family tree murals can be customized to fit your desires and preferences. Private Residence, 2020.


Miniature mouse door appears in the roots of a family tree mural.
Sarah loves to add small finishing touches to all of her murals. 2020.

Over 100 butterflies travel across the hallway at Cashton High School, entering the room from a trompe l'oeil window toward a window on another wall. This mural is in memory of Jacob Gronemus, and includes symbols with special meaning to his family.  A bald eagle soars into the distance, its shadow on the wall created by a mass of butterflies. An Allis Chalmers tractor sits in a hay field at sunset, with a farm in the distance.

This mural inspires students at Cashton Middle/High School. 2019.

Springtime mural in the restroom at Imm. Lutheran Church in La Crosse, WI. 2020.


Image of Mural at Gundersen Health Care, Pediatric Hematology Oncology Department in La Crosse, Wisconsin. A trompe l'oeil window is painted to look out on distant fields with a stream below. A large cedar tree fills the mural and makes the corner of the wall disappear. A bald eagle sits on a branch looking at passersby. One branch leaves the window and appears to come out toward the viewer and over the door, with shadows completing the effect. To the left of the entrance, a branch appears to bust out of the wall. Two squirrels play on the branch, and a hummingbird sits on the branch near the top. A butterfly rests on the wall.
Hallway mural in East building at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin. One of several throughout this department. 2019.


This mural opens up the wall into a landscape view of the Mississippi River and bluffs. A male cardinal sits on the ledge, along with a baby bunny rabbit. A viceroy butterfly, caterpillar and chrysalis are nearby, along with a ladybug. Gundersen Health System Pediatric Hematology Oncology Department mural in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Many, many thanks to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for funding the entire mural project! 2019.


A tree stump appears to be dying but a branch continues to grow upward and outward from the wall, portrayed with shadows. A nearby rock has mosses and ferns with violets in the foreground. A large toad sits at the bottom and a chickadee sits on the stump.
A meaningful vignette in the “Forest” exam room in Gundersen Peds Hem/Onc. 2019.


This window looks into a path along a Hixon Forest trail in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The mural includes a great horned owl, spotted fawn, cecropia moth, and grove of birch trees.
Trompe l’oeil window looking out into Hixon Forest; Gundersen Health System. 2019.


A large window mural looks out into the marsh with a sunny blue sky. Cattails in the corner appear to come into the room with seeds floating across the walls toward a pair of wood ducks.
Trompe l’oeil window mural opening up to the La Crosse River Marsh; Exam room at Gundersen Pediatric Hem/Onc. 2019.


A red fox sleeps among prairie flowers in Gundersen Health Systems Pediatric Hematology Oncology Sedation/Procedure room. This room features a large mural with a bluff prairie view and accents throughout the room.
A sleeping fox in the “prairie” procedure room in Gundersen Peds Hem/Onc. 2019.


A large tree is painted on the wall where kids get their height checked at the doctor's office. A raccoon, pileated woodecker, squirrel, dragonfly, lightning bugs, luna moth and wood tick are all climbing on the tree! La Crosse, Wisconsin.
How tall are you? This mural makes it more enjoyable for kids to find out at Gundersen Pediatric Hem/Onc. 2019. 


A large bulkhead in the Westby Middle School hallway is transformed with a mural! Sarah used perspective and color to add depth. An inspirational quotation is prominent, and it appears that other banners fill the space behind this one. A parrot and owl are included.
Inspirational banner mural, Westby Area Middle School, Westby, WI. 2018.

A blue sky mural with clouds, painted in perspective on a beadboard ceiling of a home office.

Ceiling murals can add a dramatic effect to any room. Private Residence, 2019.

Artist Sarah Pederson sits in front of a mural showing an ocean view with turquoise  water and blue skies. Cartoon dogs relax on the beach. A Saint Bernard stares out at the view, a boxer lies on his back chewing a bone, a golden retriever chases shore birds, and a Labrador Retriever chews on a support that holds the "window" in place. Thatch from a tiki hut appears to hang down from the ceiling.
Paradise Paws Camp & Resort murals for new doggy daycare and kennel facility in Windsor, WI. 2019.


A large white wall for a private school daycare is transformed into a large ark filled with animals. Bunny rabbits, zebras, elephants, lions, hippos, pandas, lizards, giraffes, and monkeys fill the stylized ark. A large rainbow fills the background, and teal and blue waves fill the foreground. Shadows are added to make all elements stand out from the wall and from each other.
The artist, Sarah Pederson, in front of Noah’s Ark mural at Little Saints Learning Center in Prairie du Chien, WI. 2018.


Full wall mural in child's bedroom with a steel arbor and fantasy vines wrapping around a fence and corner trellis. A path circles a pond with a swan, and distant lilac trees add warmth.
Children’s rooms can be customized with a variety of designs, color, and whimsy! Private Residence, 2020.


Whimsical mural using perspective and shadows to show a series of ramps and ledges that fainting goats can climb on the side of a barn in Viroqua, Wisconsin. The mural features goats, butterflies, prairie flowers, red headed woodpecker, bluebird, goldfinch, and many more hidden surprises.
Fainting goats mural at private residence near Viroqua, WI. 2018.


Several large, over sized orange and red poppies fill the wall of a walk out basement on this cottage along the Yahara River. Shadows are added to add dimension and pop them out from the wall.
Exterior poppy mural at private cottage along the Yahara River in McFarland, WI. 2016.


Three foot diameter sheriff's badge appears three dimensional with shadows and reflections. Outside border looks like silver, and inner star looks like gold. Wisconsin state seal is in the center, painted in full detail.
3′ trompe l’oeil badge. This is painted in acrylic on a flat wall for Monroe County. Sparta, WI. 2017.


Winery mural featuring 9' tall wine bottle and almost 6 foot tall wine glass filled with cranberry wine. Business logo is painted on the bottle, and reflections and shadows add dimension to the mural.
DnA Vintners’ exterior murals provide lots of interactive photo ops! La Crosse, WI. 2017.


This mural has a view of the wall breaking apart so customers can see a cranberry bog near harvest time. Fall trees in the distance and red cranberries float on the water. The bottom of the mural shows a cross section of the bog and the growth habit of the plants. Sandhill cranes are painted in the distance, a warbler is in the foreground, and a sign appears to be hanging from the frame, "What happens in the bog, stays in the bog."
Interior mural at DnA Vintners – In the Bog! Caledonia Street in La Crosse, WI. 2018.


Trompe l’oeil opening along the sensory path at La Farge Elementary School, WI. 2020.


Sensory Path mural at La Farge Elementary, WI. 2020.


The block wall is missing to see a blue sky with clouds. Several large books fill the trompe l'oeil wood shelf to list classic books, with characters coming to life and filling the space. Book titles include The Three Little Pigs, A Christmas Carol, Puss In Boots, A Jungle Book, The Ugly Duckling, Wizard of Oz, Black Beauty, and Around The World in 80 Days. Also included is Dust Flowers, a historical fiction book written by the school secretary, Lisa Gammon Olson.
Bookshelf Mural at Coon Valley Elementary School Library Media Center, Coon Valley, WI. 2015.


This mural has a stitched background to give the feel of a well worn baseball. Four "Loggers Legends" players are painted to look like baseball cards: Mason McCoy, Eric Thames, Max Scherzer, and Chris Sale. Artist also painted the LaCrosse Loggers Logo and Loggers Legends. Everything has shadows to make them appear to be attached to the wall, but it is all on a flat surface.
Baseball cards mural with stitch background, La Crosse Loggers Pro Shop, WI. 2017.


This mural is painted in memory of Carmen Armbruster and pays tribute to the initial donors to FAFWA for the new WAPAC. The trompe l'oeil banner appears to hang on the wall, then is twisted to see the backside with shows a musical staff. The staff weaves through the corner and down the hall toward the star dressing room. The school song is featured, as are drama/comedy masks, paintbrush, ribbons painted to look like dancers, and stars. Visit the Westby Area School District in the Middle School Commons to see the mural in person.
100 Extraordinary Women Mural at the Westby Area Performing Arts Center (WAPAC), commissioned by the Fine Arts Foundation of the Westby Area (FAFWA.) Westby, WI. 2018.


I painted this trompe l'oeil frieze to look like breccia marble. It is painted directly on a flat wall but the use of shadows and perspective makes it look like it is attached to the wall. The marble appears to be aged and crumbling, and is inscribed with a phrase in Latin.
Trompe l’oeil frieze mural in private residence, Onalaska, WI. 2018.


A brand new waiting room for this dentist is warm and inviting for kids and adults alike. A sleeping bunny is resting on a pillow on a stump, while the toothfairy arrives with her satchel and wand ready to make the switch. The magical forest disappears into the distance while animals watch from their hiding places. A raccoon, fawn, skunk, pileated woodpecker, and many other critters and butterflies are among the flowers.
Whimsical tooth fairy mural at Sedlock Dental on 7th and King Streets in La Crosse, WI. 2017.


This cute stylized elephant sits on simple grasses and flowers above the crib in a nursery. The elephant shoots flowers, stars, and hearts out of his trunk across the wall and onto the ceiling.
Sometimes a simple accent can add pure enjoyment to a room. 2017.


The flat wall becomes a wall of aging block that opens up into a magical forest with teal and purple mushrooms and waterfall in the distance. A lush forest with ferns fills the landscape. Mosses and vines with flowers crawl along the wall. Design is painted around an existing mirror to make it look like it has always belonged.
Murals can transform an entryway into a magical getaway! Private residence in Onalaska, WI. 2016.


12' x 4' mural featuring monroe county landscape. A road winds around the corner to the distant bluffs and a pond sits near the front. Pine trees, deciduous trees, and birch trees fill the views, as do tiger lilies, chicory, and marsh grasses. A chickadee is painted in high detail on the ledge to look photorealistic.
Landscape mural opens up a conference room at Monroe County ADRC in Sparta, WI. 2017.


Artist stands in front of a large keyboard that appears to be curved and coming out of the wall. A large shadow is painted below to add to the effect. Keys come out of a whole note and end up placed horizontally on a musical staff.
Piano key mural at First Lutheran School in La Crosse, WI. Murals fill two walls in this large room. 2017.


A large open book appears to be resting against the wall above the bookshelves, open to a page in Memory of Henry Joseph Thomas.
Trompe l’oeil book mural on faux wood shelf, in memory of Henry Thomas. Knutson Memorial Library, Coon Valley, WI. 2014.


A sweet baby pets a springer spaniel while reading a book about fairy tales. Three over-sized books lean against a tree in summer, with the backdrop of bluffs along the Mississippi River.
This sweet mural graces a wall in Prairie Catholic School’s library in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. 2019.


Three life-sized wine barrels are painted in perspective on a flat wall under a countertop. The middle barrel features my client's name, and appears to be branded into the wood.
Trompe l’oeil Wine Barrel Mural in private residence. Onalaska, WI. 2012.