Murals, Before & After

When viewing a trompe l’oeil mural, it is often difficult to tell what is painted, and what is real. That is one reason why I like to show a comparison of what the wall looked like before painting began, and what it looks like now. Even painting a simple, stylized mural in a play room can change the entire feeling you get when you walk into the room. Here is one example of a residential mural, before painting began and after it was completed. Using perspective and proper shading, I was able to add depth to the area under this counter top.

Image of wall below countertop that was transformed from a walnut finish to three life-sized wine barrels that are painted with perspective to look like they are stored under the counter. Mural, before and after photo.
Customized wine barrel mural in an Onalaska residence.


Here are a few more examples of how my murals can truly transform your walls into something magical! Click on an image below to enlarge the photos: